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  • Teach Yourself Brioche Knitting

    Teach Yourself Brioche Knitting

    I taught myself to knit brioche and so can you. A couple of years ago I started notici...

  • Getting to know Yarn weights

    Getting to know Yarn weights

    Getting to know Yarn weights   (chart excerpt from CraftYarnCouncil.com, the full chart...

  • Ravelry Basics Part 3

    Ravelry Basics Part 3

    Tools/Needles   We all need some kind of system to keep track of what needles we own. ...

  • Ravelry Basics Part 2

    Ravelry Basics Part 2

    Are you one of those people who only buy yarn for the project you are about to knit or are you one of those people who likes to have enough yarn to keep you busy for decades?

  • Ravelry Basics

    Ravelry Basics

    Whether you are searching for a pattern, need information on a yarn or need to keep track of your projects stash and tools, Ravelry is the place to go. It is free to access and get an account so you can save your favourites, establish a library, queue your projects and purchase patterns