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    • Half Full Socks
    • Half Full Socks
    • Half Full Socks
    • Half Full Socks
    • Half Full Socks
    • Half Full Socks
    Half Full Socks
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    There are some days you need to ask yourself ‘is your cup half full or half empty’. It can be hard to decide which. These socks help to remind us to stop for a moment, and check. To try and change pessimism to optimism, to transform sadness to peace. To remind ourselves that nothing lasts forever and that we will fill the cup again.

    This pattern is a fairly simple ankle sock, easy enough to make calf length with more yarn (than stated). Choose two of your favourite colours. I love co-ordinating a semi solid and variegated.

    It is top down and starts with a scalloped cuff, a simple slip stitch heel flap, and half way along the foot you start the second colour. The second sock is opposite, you start with your second colour! Is Your Cup Half Full or Half Empty?

    Zed Luxe Mini by Yarn Indulgences (4 x 25g/100yds)
    Or any fingering weight yarn in two colours, 50g of each colour. I used approximately 20g of each colour for each sock, ankle length. Please allow more yarn for mid-calf length.

    Adult. Average sock sizes.
    Small (approx 7” foot circumference)
    Medium (approx 8”)
    Large (approx 9”)
    Typical sock knitting using 2.25mm, 2.5mm and 2.75mm depending on your yarn, and whether you knit tight, average, or loose. Choose a needles size that gives you gauge.

    32 stitches/4 inches (8 sts/inch)
    22 rows/4 inches (5.5 rows/inch)

    This pattern assumes a basic understanding of sock patterns using magic loop, if using DPN’s or TAAT please adjust accordingly.
    The second sock starts with Colour 2 and change to Colour 1 half way on foot.


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