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Tall Tree Designs

Welcome to Tall Tree Designs where you will find a space devoted to encouraging, inspiring, and instructing all knitters, regardless of experience to have the confidence to jump into “next level knitting!”

What does that mean? It means that I want all knitters to look at a pattern and know it is within their reach! Even if a technique is unfamiliar at the start, I promise you can do it! After a lifetime of creating, learning and instructing others to do the same it is my goal to give everyone the confidence to try something new.

My current passion is for ponchos and I am working towards a selection of patterns that range from the very basic to ponchos that add a new technique or skill to your arsenal. Consider them building blocks as you knit your way to achieving the beautiful results you have always hoped for. Wherever you are in your path to expertise, I hope you will find a pattern here that helps in your journey!

If you are a beginner knitter or looking for a relaxing knit, check out the Level One patterns. Simple in shape and technique, they still include my trademark commitment to professional finishes and all the tips, video tutorials, and clear instructions to get you to the finish line!

If you’re ready to learn something new, try a Level Two pattern! These include all the things that are great in Level One, but give you a gentle introduction to “next level” techniques such as stranded colourwork, cables, lace,and more! You can do it!

And finally, Level Three patterns are for the more adventurous amongst you! They still include all the instruction that I am known for, but these patterns are for the knitter looking for an interesting and slightly more challenging knit!

Please follow me @tall_tree_designs on Instagram if you would like to learn more about the process!

All of my patterns are available for the In Store purchase program.

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