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COVID-19 policy for Yarn Indulgences

Hello everyone, in the strange days we find ourselves, I'm glad we all have yarn to help us cope with all the uncertainty in our world right now.

I work from home, and have done so for well over fifteen years now - and yes, I love every minute! Ron and enjoy the comfort of our home in Cambridge, ON with Bert, my beloved 'not so' miniature schnauzer.

I've taken further steps in self-isolating and have not gone out, or interacted with anyone for well over a month, and I have no plans to change that - I'm used to going out for my little walks with the dog, and other than that I'm happy to have groceries, and all sorts of goodies delivered to our door.

We are, of course, monitoring ourselves for symptoms, and until such time as either of us exhibit them, I'll continue to dye yarn and ship several times each week - Canada Post even has pick up at my door.

So the chain of touch your yarn goes through, is from the supplier to me - all yarn you are getting now has been in my hands since last Fall - I've got plenty of inventory on hand to keep dyeing! Ron soaks the yarn, and then I take it from there with they dyeing, drying, twisting, labelling, photographing, listing, and ultimately... shipping into your lovely hands.

For the most part, you yarn will be packed in either a box, or plastic envelope. One or two skeins, and minis are shipped vacuum sealed. :-)

I hope above all else, that you, and yours stay well - and as always, Happy Knitting, with lots of love!

Deborah, Yarn Indulgences