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Meet Brigit

Brigit Hampel

The Enabler Queen

Ravelry and Instagram = enablerqueen

Brigit has been a knitter on and off for 50 plus years. She was first introduced to knitting by her step grandmother who showed her how to knit and purl. Since then she has taught herself most everything she knows by reading patterns and books and then with the internet, through online tutorials and YouTube videos.  In the last 10 years Brigit has become an obsessive knitter and it is a rare day that she has not knit something even if it is only a few rows. Since joining Ravelry in 2010 she has knit over 400 projects, primarily shawls, cowls, scarves and hats and a few sweaters.

A few years ago Brigit started a Build Your Skills workshop at her favourite yarn store Linda’s Craftique which was originally located in Port Credit, Ontario but has since moved to Orangeville. The object of these workshops was to take knitters beyond the basics by gradually introducing them to new techniques through a variety of projects. The students tackled a series of shawls, scarves, cowls and sweaters, learning to master increases and decreases, basic lace knitting, chart reading, stranded colourwork  and even brioche. Since the pandemic Brigit has maintained a connection with many of her students through a private Facebook group where she offers knitting support, project suggestions and stash enhancement encouragement.

Brigit certainly has embraced her handle as The Enabler Queen.

Brigit joined the Yarn Indulgences team in June of 2021 where she is a moderator on the Totally Indulgent Facebook group and is a regular contributor to the Yarn Indulgences blog. Here you will find helpful links to some of her favourite tutorials, websites and videos, pattern suggestions with links and a mini course on how to navigate some of the basics on Ravelry. Knitters in Toronto and GTA will be able to take a more in depth workshop with Brigit on how to use Ravelry once indoor classes are able to resume. In the meantime, feel free to ask her questions on anything knitted related as she likes to share her knitting knowledge and her passion for yarn acquisition with her fellow knitting enthusiasts.
Brigit can be reached at brigit@yarnindulgences.com