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Rug Hooking Yarn - Gradient Orchid

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Indulge in the art of rug hooking with our specially curated yarns that have been lovingly hand-dyed to create a mesmerizing gradient effect. Each skein is a masterpiece in itself, carefully crafted to add a touch of natural shading to your rug hooking projects, making them come alive with stunning depth and dimension.

Made from high-quality materials, our yarns are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your creations remain vibrant and beautiful for years to come. Whether you're a seasoned rug hooking expert or a beginner, our gradient yarns will inspire you to unleash your creativity and produce stunning works of art.

With a wide range of colors to choose from, you can mix and match different shades to create your own unique combinations. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your home decor or as a thoughtful gift for your crafty friends and family, our gradient yarns are sure to impress. Start your rug hooking journey today with our premium quality gradient yarns!

This yarn comes cut in long sections - each strand is a gradient from light to dark.

Available in 20g bundles.

Not sure how much you need?
As an example, 20g covers approx 6" x 8" using our Chunky Merino - depending on how you hook.